Why Us

Sound Investing

Through our unparalleled experience, we offer you a better way to invest.  You will gain access to a variety of investment options.  We are certain you will understand why our clients value our strategies.  Your money will be diversified across a broad selection of investments, giving you a balanced exposure to a variety of different strategies.


Your Interests Come First

When hiring an advisor, investors place their trust and confidence in someone to act in their best interest. When that professional has the responsibility to represent another entity (e.g. a bank or a mutual fund company), a clash between professional obligation and personal interest arises.

Unlike a broker who is paid a commission, we are not salespeople.  We offer you our investing skills for a transparent fee which means you avoid the conflicts of interests that may arise when a broker receives a higher commission by selling you one product versus another.

We welcome and embrace our role as a fiduciary, which means we must always act with your best interest in mind.


Our Philosophy

It is our strong belief that every measure should be taken to avoid large devastating losses. All too often we are lured to risky investment products or strategies by the potential for high returns without giving any considerations to risk. By "risk," we mean the real possibility for serious  losses in pursuit of these returns. 

Protecting your savings is of paramount importance.  If your investments suffer a large loss, all the financial planning in the world will not matter; there will not be a source of cash flows to fund your retirement or other financial goals without them.

We have repeatedly witnessed how random events in the financial markets can lead to devastating losses after extended periods of relative calm. Due to the low probability, high-impact nature of these episodes, these major events must be anticipated. Therefore, we use a combination of diversified investments and portfolio insurance, which gives you the greatest potential to weather volatile price swings in the stock market and achieve your financial objectives.